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The make Beru was created in 1912 by Julius Behr and Albert Ruprecht. Beru is from German origin and started with the production of spark plugs. Last year Beru celebrated its 100th anniversary and a century of innovation on ignition parts.Starting with spark plug, Beru extended its offer to glow plugs in 1929. Those two main Beru products have over the years been improved. This resulted in the production of the rapid glow plug which shortened the preheating time of a diesel engine to 20 seconds. Another milestone was reached only 3 years later in 1978, when Beru glow plugs shortened the preheating time to 5-7 seconds.From the end of the 1980s Beru has started producing additional ignition parts including ignition coils for example.Today Beru is a multinational company with offices on different continents. The headquarters have remained in Germany however as well as the main production plant. Other production locations are in Ireland and Thailand.
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