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The car parts brand Magneti Marelli has over 90 years experience with the production and distribution of not only car parts but material for radio and television as well.The company was founded in 1891 by Ercole Marelli in Italy. Initially producing start magnets, Magneti Marelli started with the production of car batteries as early as 1929. Ten years later Magneti Marelli started with the production of television and sound systems.An important milestone in Magneti Marelli’s history for the automotive industry was no doubt the purchase of the entire shareholding by Fiat. In 1979 the two companies started a joint venture for the development of electronic control units for the ignition and supply systems of cars.Since the beginning of the 1980s Magneti Marelli has become an increasingly international company with a presence in 18 countries worldwide.Apart from starters, Magneti Marelli is well-known for its aftermarket car parts including car lights. The first full-led headlight was built by Magneti Marelli in 2007 for an Audi R8.