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Philips is a leading brand for an incredibly wide range of electrical equipment. Philips started out in 1891 as a family company belonging to the Dutch Philips family. Father Frederik Philips and son Gerard Philips were soon after the company's creation joined by Gerard's brother Anton. The latter's great commercial talent lead to the company quickly being one of the largest producers of light bulbs in the world.

After starting with light bulbs, Philips' product range expanded over the course of the 20th century thanks to the invention of a medical x-ray tube in 1918. From that point on, the company's product range widened rapidly. It currently includes light bulbs for vehicles and buildings, sound and image systems and equipment such as CDs and DVDs and medical equipment.

From the 2000s onwards, Philips has emphasised the role it wishes to play as an innovator but also as a conscious company not least by dividing in three sectors: Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle. The Lighting division is responsible for the production of all sorts of car lights.
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