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SNR is a leading brand for the production of all sorts of bearings. SNR is part of the NTN-SNR Group. The company started out as SRO however in 1916. SRO was created by the Swiss blacksmith Jacques Schmid in Annecy. Prior to the Second World War, SRO was already a succesful company. The war resulted in a set-back for the enterprise though. Afterwards, the nationalised company Renault took over SRO which then continued as SNR (Société Nouvelle de Roulements).

During the 1950s and '60s SNR developped the cartridge bearing which was then mounted on the Citroen 2 CV. Over these decades SNR expanded to the rest of Europe en started producing bearings for other vehicles than cars. This trend lead in 1981 to the development of the first TGV train. Ever since, SNR holds the world speed record for the fastest train. SNR merged with NTN in 2007 and currently has a presence in countries all over the world.