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Walker was created in 1908 by William A. Walker and his twin sons Williard and Warren. The company started out storing tyres for the winter, which was common practice at the beginning of the 20th century. People tended to use their cars only in summer.In 1916 a new plant was opened in Wisconsin in the United States. At the same time, the company became the Walker Manufacturing Company.The first Walker exhaust parts were issued in the early 1930s. The existing centre silencers on cars were little tin cans and so Walker used the opportunity to improve exhaust parts. From then on, Walker specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of exhaust parts. In 1941 the first stainless steel middle silencer was produced.By the 1960s the automobile industry had significantly developed resulting in an increasing number of cars on the roads. With that became the need to limit polluting and poisonous gasses. Over the 1960s Walker did a lot of technological research that eventually led to the issuing of the first catalytic converter in 1970.In the meantime Walker had been bought by Tenneco Inc. The automobile branch of Tenneco’s became an independent company in 1999.Today Walker parts are available for OE manufacturers and the aftermarket. The company has plants and engineering centres all over the world.